Value Added Services

Copy Services

Some services come about due to requests from our clients and printing certainly falls into that category.  From simple one page product data sheets to custom product catalogs, All Star Fulfillment can perform all of your commercial printing needs.  Our printing equipment is located in the same facility we fulfill orders so there is never an issue with waiting on delivery and never a delivery cost!



Although there are many ways to reduce costs, one of the biggest ways to waste revenue is to purchase goods to sell and having them sit on the warehouse floor. At All Star Fulfillment our belief is that the entire fulfillment process starts when a truck backs into one of our loading docks with our clients merchandise. From that exact point of time we start the clock and based on your business rules we will have that inventory ready for you to sell and ready for fulfillment.

The flexibility that All Star Fulfillment provides its clients allows for unique business rules that are used to manage each fulfillment program. Various receiving business rules include, but are not limited to:

      • Inspection of each individual item that is received.
      • Utilizing vendor unit of measure for receipt of goods.
      • Spot checking each SKU for quality.
      • Random testing of electronic devices.
      • What requirements do you have?

Inventory Management

Your product hits the dock, is unloaded, received into inventory and is ready for fulfillment. As orders are fulfilled and inventory is depleted what can you expect from All Star Fulfillment?

For starters, your entire inventory database is available 24/7/365 through a unique custom web portal we setup for your account. Each SKU is managed and reports real-time information. In addition your web-portal will gives you dashboard reporting so you can quick, snapshots of your program and inventory. All reports can be setup for automatic sending, for example, you can receive an inventory summary report in an excel spreadsheet every morning at 6am via email. Alert notifications can also be sent to notify you of various inventory level activity.



Our warehouse is located in beautiful Western Pennsylvania. All Star Fulfillment’s owners selected this location for many reasons but primarily because of its amazing strategic shipping lanes. Ranked as one of the top single point distribution locations in the United States, All Star Fulfillment is within 500 miles of over half the US population. What does this mean for our customers? Faster delivery of shipments at a lower shipping cost. Additionally, Western PA is known for its fantastic labor pool that has a great work ethic, which we vouch for 110%.

All Star Fulfillment’s prime fulfillment location minimizes order transit days and shipping costs. When evaluating where to warehouse your products and whether or not to use multiple locations throughout the country allow us to perform a cost analysis for your program. We will show you what our clients already experience, which includes orders delivered to 67% of the continental US in 2 days or less.

We welcome you to come and visit our facility, meet our staff and explore a strategic relationship with one of the premier consumer product fulfillment companies in the country.

Reverse Logistics (Return Processing)

The best way to minimize customer returns and reduce refunds is will exceptional order fulfillment. When orders are processed quickly, accurately, and packaged professionally it is proven that the percent of returns is reduced. All Star Fulfillment takes great pride with the fact that its clients realize lower than average return rates in their respective industries.

For the inevitable returns that do occur your clients will expect expedited communication and processing. Based on your companies business rules we will perform your return processing in a manner that delivers exceptional service for you clients.

Some of the standard return processing we perform daily includes:

  • Inspection of the returned products
  • Sorting of damaged product and product that can be returned to active inventory.
  • Testing of returned electronic devices.
  • Testing and compliance reporting of FDA devices.
  • Management of returned product by vendor/manufacture for return credit.

Kitting / Assembly

All Star Fulfillment’s kitting process AccuKit, is a proven process for delivering accurate, on-schedule kitting and hand assembly services. From simple straight forward projects to very complex projects that range from a couple hundred pieces to hundreds of thousands. AccuKit has the ability to manage static (pre-determined) or dynamic (on-demand) kits. Below are a few kits we have performed for our clients:

Bionic Wrench

NHL Winter Classic seat cushion program

Neutrogena summer promotion

Zyrtec retail roll-out program

Contract Packaging

All Star Fulfillment is fully capable of handling many aspects of our clients contract packaging needs. From custom applications to standard spec requirements, we are ready to tackle your contract packaging needs. We can turn raw materials into amazing products, some of which sit on the retail shelves in some of the largest retail companies in the country. When you partner with All Star Fulfillment to handle your contract packaging you also gain the efficiencies of having your final product already in the hands of a company that can handle your warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.